JTape Green Fineline Masking Tape – 6mm x 55mtr


JTape Green Fineline Masking Tape – 6mm x 55mtr is perfect for intricate masking on multi-coloured paint jobs. It’s very flexible and uses thermally stabilised PVC backing with a rubber based pressure-sensitive adhesive; making it easy to curve on flat surfaces and shapes with tight contours.

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JTape Green Fineline Masking Tape – 6mm x 55mtr gives a defined line and can be easily removed from surfaces without leaving a residue. Heat resistant to temperatures up to 150°C/302°F for at least 45 minutes and available in widths from 1mm upwards. Highly flexible tape with pressure-sensitive adhesive, primarily used for contrast colour paint work. Sold individually and also comes in 10 rolls per sleeve.



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