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Oates Research Products, and Citrus Resources.

Oates Research Products, and Citrus Resources.

Welcome to Oates Laboratories. Their product range includes Research Products, Citrus Resources. These products complement Oates existing range of professional cleaning equipment and household products.

Since its establishment in 1982, Research Products has been recognised as an innovator in the supply of hard surface and carpet cleaning solutions. These products are highly concentrated, making them very economical and helping to reduce freight and inventory. The range now includes a complete portfolio of products for commercial and industrial cleaning applications. Research Product’s team is driven to find solutions to any cleaning problem.

In 1992 a new concept of ALL NATURAL, highly biodegradable cleaning products for commercial use was introduced, called Citrus Resources. These products help to sustain the environment and are safer to use yet they are powerful enough for commercial use. We believe that it is time for all responsible people to start doing something about helping to protect the environment now – NOT when forced to by legislation, as then it will be too late.

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